My name is Jenna.


My full name is Jenna McKechnie. It was Jenna Woodward, but then I got married.

(But sadly, no one can spell or pronounce my new surname so the internet still knows me as Jenna Woodward. Some days I love that, and other days it’s kind of annoying.)

I was born in 1990 and was raised on croissants, mountains and adventures.

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I’ve lived in Leeds since I left home at age 18 and I love it. There’s always something to do here, even if it’s raining.

That doesn’t mean I don’t daily dream of being back home with my fam in the Derbyshire countryside though…


Part of what makes living in Leeds so fun is getting to live with my wonderful husband Ewan.


We met in Leeds while we were both still at uni and quickly fell in love. Our early days were filled with photo walks and lots of laughter, and before long Ewan was proposing at the top of Ilkley Moor.


Of course I said yes! And we got married 11 months later in the middle of nowhere in Derbyshire. It was perfect. In the messy and wonderful kind of way that all truly perfect things are.

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Our days now are still filled with photography and laughter, only now we run a wedding photography business, rather than just taking pictures of each other walking along the canal! (Although we still do that too sometimes!)


I started this blog in 2011 when I bought my first proper camera, but it’s evolved a lot since then. For quite a while it documented my journey of learning how to work a camera and take good pictures, but now it’s a wonderful space where I can share endless pictures from all our client weddings and engagement shoots without bombarding Facebook too much!

Grab a cuppa’ and take a look around!

Hello! I'm a wedding photographer with a love for the great outdoors, making stuff and finding beautiful things. I live in Leeds with my wonderful husband Ewan, and our ever growing family of house plants.

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